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Registration is open for the 7th Solar Orbiter workshop

solar_orbiter_payload_annotatedWe are happy to re-post here the announcement of the 7th Solar Orbiter workshop:

It is a pleasure to announce that the 7th SolO workshop Website is ready for registration and abstract submission. Please convey the news to as many colleagues as possible. A second announcement will appear in the next issues of SolarNews and SPA newsletters.
Deadline for abstract submission is 31 December. We are supposed to notify the authors on whether their contribution are oral or posters by mid January.

Planetary space weather: scientific aspects and future perspectives

We announce to the community a recently published review-paper on planetary space weather. First author of the paper is the SWICo member Christina Plainaki.

Link to the paper


In this paper, we review the scientific aspects of planetary space weather at different regions of our Solar System, performing a comparative planetology analysis that includes a direct reference to the circum-terrestrial case. Through an interdisciplinary analysis of existing results based both on observational data and theoretical models, we review the nature of the interactions between the environment of a Solar System body other than the Earth and the impinging plasma/radiation, and we offer some considerations related to the planning of future space observations. We highlight the importance of such comparative studies for data interpretations in the context of future space missions (e.g. ESA JUICE; ESA/JAXA BEPI COLOMBO). Moreover, we discuss how the study of planetary space weather can provide feedback for better understanding the traditional circum-terrestrial space weather. Finally, a strategy for future global investigations related to this thematic is proposed.

H2020 SWe 2016

Vi segnaliamo i bandi H2020 in apertura il prossimo 8 novembre

Poniamo la vostra attenzione in particolare alle call:

COMPET-4-2017: Scientific data exploitation
COMPET-5-2017: Space Weather

La call “Scientific data exploitation” è stata esplicitamente estesa all’eliofisica ed all’esplorazione del sistema solare, mentre nel 2015 era limitata al sole e alle scienze planetarie.