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VINCENZO FERRARO AWARD 2019 for young scholars in Space Physics

The Vincenzo Ferraro Association intends to pay tribute to Prof. Vincenzo C.A. Ferraro, originally from Sorrento peninsula (Campania, Italy), an astrophysicist and pioneer in plasma physics, in order to encourage studies in the field of space physics.

With this in view, the Vincenzo Ferraro Association, represented by President Maddalena Ferraro, establishes for the year 2019 a “Vincenzo Ferraro” Prize to be assigned, after evaluation by a qualified scientific panel, to a young scholar in the physics of space plasmas with particular reference to his/her doctoral thesis.

Admission to this prize is reserved to students of Italian and foreign universities who have obtained a PhD degree in Physics or equivalent in Italy or abroad after September 1, 2014 with a thesis on topics relevant to the study of space plasmas.

All the details can be found in the attached official announcement.