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SWICo introduction

SWICo – Space Weather Italian COmmunity, founded in October 31, 2014, is a Group of Academics, Researchers, and Technologists aimed at promoting:

  • the development of scientific and technological research in the fields of Space Weather: space physics, cosmic rays, physics of the sun and the solar wind, physics of sun-earth relationships and of the magnetosphere, geomagnetism, ionosphere, as well as all the related sectors.
  • the educational activities, specialization and professional qualification in the fields of interest of the Group.

In particular, the Group, within the areas of interest, it is aimed at:

  • Promote scientific collaboration between participants and between the home Academic and Research Institutes, as well as between other national and international Institutes of Research and Technological Development;
  • Promote the joint participation to the study and coordination of scientific initiatives within projects and national and international cooperation agreements;
  • Promote the activation of PhDs courses, advanced training courses, post-graduate and post-doctoral courses, and in general high-level teaching activities and seminars;
  • Promote the exchange of instrumentation and the development of common general services such as the coordination of observational networks and forecasting studies;
  • Promote the transfer of knowledge and technologies to the user community;
  • Promote the mutual hospitality of academic, research and technical staff at the corresponding home institutions;
  • Promote congress and popular science activities.


SWICo has a President and 7 people belonging to a Directive Board; more than 100 italian Academics, Researchers, and Technologists belong to SWICO. The minutes of the board meetings are available here.